Friday, March 19, 2010

Wagons West songbook

Wagons West - Exploring History Through the Arts
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This is an annotated songbook with activities related to westward expansion.  I wrote it to correspond with a week long residency program I used to do which culminated in a wagon train reenactment through Boyce Park in Charlotte.  You can contact me if you want more information about the reenactment.  You can download the entire songbook at the bottom of this post.  The contents of the book are listed below with links to mp3s for most of the songs.

   Table of Contents
1)      Chronology of Important Events
2-3)  Acres of Clams mp3
4)      Making a Journal
5)      Traveling Food
6)      Pioneer Recipes
7)      Home on the Range mp3
8)      A La Ru mp3
9)      Swing Low, Sweet Chariot mp3
10)    Preparing for the Wagon Journey West
11)    Patchwork Quilts
12)    Crazy Quilts/Making Your Own Quilt Square
13)    Sweet Betsy from Pike
14)    Instruments of the Pioneers
John Henry  mp3
15-17) Arkansas Traveler mp3
18)    Banjo Making Instructions web
19)    How to Play Your Banjo
20-21) Map of Expansion Routes
22)    Old Fashioned Toys and Games
23)    Goober Peas mp3
24-25)    String Games
26)    Cindy mp3
27)    Camptown Races mp3
28)    Oh, Susanna mp3
29)    Git Along Little Doggies mp3
30)    Dan Taylor
31)    Old Dan Tucker mp3
32)    Bought Me a Cat
33)    Skip to My Lou mp3
34)    Old Joe Clark mp3
35)    Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore  mp3
36-37) Little Old Sod Shanty on My Claim mp3
38)    All the Pretty Little Horses mp3
39)    Starving to Death on My Government Claim mp3
40)    How to Make a Paper Dancing Lumberjack  web

Table of Contents
pages 1-19
pages 20-40